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Sheep's Ears

Sheep's Ears

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Suitable for small dogs and puppies, Sheep Ears are a nutritious and healthy chew for your canine companion.

100% Natural, Dried Ear's are ideal, nutritious chews. Chewing is proven to calm our dogs through the release of Seretonin, leaving them feeling good and satisfied. Chewing on healthy treats can keep your dog's teeth clean and their breath fresh. Sheep Ear's are chewy and full of collagen for your dog's overall health. They are a great addition for keeping your dog or puppy occupied. They are especially useful for your teething puppies, keeping your shoes safe!

Similar to the rest of our range, our Sheep Ears contain no added sugars, salts, chemicals or preservatives; it is simply 100% Natural, Dried Ears. Our Sheep Ear's are one of the few treats not processed by us in our factory, instead we source them from ethical Australian suppliers.