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Committed to bringing the Pets of Melbourne high-quality food, BM Animals Complete Nutrition set the standard for Premium Nutrition.

Who are 'BM Animals?'

We are Raw Food Specialists!

Based in Bayswater, Melbourne, BM Animals is a place for anyone wanting to better their dog's lives. If you feed your dog a raw based diet, want to learn how to raw feed, or simply want to give your dog something special, we have options for you.

BM Animals was started by John & Maree as they couldn’t find chemical & preservative free healthy treats and pet food supplies in Melbourne made with premium Australian ingredients. All BM Animals treats are salt and sugar free as well, so you can buy healthy pet treats online with the confidence that you’re getting the best for your four-legged friend. Our treats are dried in our Bayswater factory from locally sourced ingredients, so you are supporting small business all the way!

Our Raw Meals are our pride and joy, tailored for the ultimate health of your dog. With amazing, locally sourced ingredients, your dogs are sure to thrive. We have quality, reliable options for any dog and any budget.

Many people come to us because they want to try a more natural diet for their dog or cat but don’t know where to start. We make feeding a biologically appropriate diet easy, with balanced food that takes the guesswork out of the equation for you. We can help customise your pooch's diet for their best health, and specialise in diets for dogs with varying metabolic conditions.

We are always happy to chat dogs, so reach out to find out how BM Animals can help you and your dog!

Good Health Through Good Nutrition