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Tripe Treats

Tripe Treats

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Made from the dried upper gut of cows, our Tripe Treats are both tasty for your dog and highly nutritious!

Tripe is full of Digestive Enzymes to boost your dog's gut's digestive process. It is naturally full of Omega 3, 6 & 9's for essential body functions including skin and coat health. Tripe is gentle on your dog's gut, making it an ideal option for dogs with sensitivities or dogs who have been recently sick. 

These treats are made entirely out of 100% Natural Tripe. As we are the only licenced processors of Tripe in Victoria, you can rest assured this treat contains the full nutritional benefits of Tripe.

Tripe Treats are great for training treats, adding to your dog's meal, or simply as a healthy snack. Tripe Treats are rounder, if you would prefer a longer shape, try our Tripe Sticks; made the same way except sliced into strips first!

Similar to the rest of our range, our Tripe Treats contains no added sugars, salts, chemicals or preservatives; it is simply 100% Natural, Dried Tripe. 

Please ensure proper supervision of your dogs when trying new treats.