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Puppy Tummy Topper 100g

Puppy Tummy Topper 100g

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Our Puppy Tummy Topper represents the start of a cascade at BM Animals! This revolutionary product has both helped hundreds of dogs, and inspired the rest of our Topper range. 

Zeolite's natural filtering properties have been proven in children across Third World Countries to solve diarrhea and dysentery conditions stemming from contaminated water sources. When looking at the research, the biggest question raised was "Can we use this to help our dogs? Could some added zeolite help my dog's gastro?" And it did! 

Puppy Tummy was designed to with the intent to support young puppies learning to enjoy solid foods for the first time, or for the times in their early months they may eat something that doesn't agree with them.

The natural Zeolite attracts and traps toxins, bacteria and certain viruses inside its cage-like structure until long after they have been excreted, assisting your puppy's body in flushing the culprit out of their system.

Powdered Colostrum from grass-fed cows works to boost your puppy's immune system naturally by supplying extra antibodies directly to their gut in a form not easily digested out, and by providing proteins such as lactoferrin that work with the immune system in neutralising infectious bacteria and viruses.

Added probiotics work to 'fill in the gaps' from the filtered particles, ensuring active growth of the helpful bacteria in your pup's gut. It can also work to help your adult dog too!

This mix has been tried, tested and relied on by many dogs, especially our own, when they have experienced gastro or diarrhea. It is a spectacular, fast working mixture that works thanks to the real ingredients! It is one we strongly recommend should be in your dog's first aid kit, for the day you wish you had it. 

Please note: This product does not replace your vet. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If your dog's condition worsens, seek advice from your Vet Professional. 

Ingredients: BM Keferrin, Zeolite Powder, Bovine Colostrum