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Premium BARF Style Puppy 500g

Premium BARF Style Puppy 500g

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Please Note: This is our 500g Pre-Pack option. For fresh orders 5kg+, please look here.

Perfectly formulated for the growing puppy, our Premium Puppy BARF will set your puppy up for success as they develop.

Ingredients: Beef & Chicken Meat, Lacto-Fermented Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, BM Tripe, BM Offal Mix, BM Omega Oil Blend, BM Bone Broth, Minced Trachea, coconut oil, whole eggs, kelp powder, keferrin, zeolite & spirulina. 

Building on a grass-fed Beef & Free-Range Chicken base, our Puppy BARF includes a range of seasonal vegetables and our house-made Offal Mix to ensure the growing puppy has access to all the nutrients their bodies require.

For added long-term benefits you will also find farm-fresh Whole Eggs, Coconut Oil, our in-house made Keferrin and small batch Bone Broth.

Natural Tripe is added to our Premium Puppy BARF to encourage optimal digestion with natural digestive enzymes, probiotics and high Omega 3&6’s.

The probiotics in our Tripe acts to boost our dog’s gut microflora, and can reduce the chances of developing intolerances in our adult dogs.

Natural anti-inflammatories from Tripe and our carefully selected herbs & vegetables can act to reduce growing pains and teething pain in our puppies to help you through these early stages of life with your puppy!

We purposely exclude bones from our meals as we believe nothing beats giving our puppies fresh bones. To complete your pup's diet, simply ensure you add some fresh, tasty bones to their meals each day. For puppies, we recommend Cow Tail Quarters as the bones are super soft while giving your puppy the satisfaction they naturally get from a decent chew.