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Premium Patties For Dogs

Premium Patties For Dogs

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Premium Patties for Dogs 30 pack 

Are you looking for the best quality, convenient meal for your small dog? Do you want to spoil them with the best nutrition from the best ingredients? This was made for you!

Our small batch meal patties are the perfect meal size for your small-breed canine. With a variety of flavor options using our Premium Meal Recipe, we have something for every canine to maintain their best health.

Our meals are complete, and cater to your dog's biological needs. We include high quality, preservative-free meat in the proteins you choose along with a gentle offal mix to supplement in vitamins and minerals.

We lacto-ferment farm-fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to ensure your dog can absorb all the available nutrients.

Our Tripe provides additional digestive enzymes. Omega's in Whole Eggs work beautifully to keep their coat healthy and their immune system functioning.

Kelp supplies plentiful trace minerals.

Keferin, a home-made Kefir using additional colostrum powder, helps keep your dog's gut bacteria functioning at their peak while Zeolite helps to trap toxins that can possibly harm your dog's system.

These Patties are filled to the brim with only beneficial ingredients!

As our Patties are made in small batches, there may be some natural variation in the shape of the patty. Your Patty of choice may also vary in colour depending on the protein you select.

Your dog deserves the very best, so why not try our patties today?

Ingredients: Meat from selected protein(s), lacto-fermented fruits & vegetables, BM Offal Mix, BM Bone Broth, BM Tripe, Whole Eggs, Kelp, Keferin & Zeolite.