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Premium Meals for Seniors BULK

Premium Meals for Seniors BULK

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This is our BULK 5kg+ fresh option. It will come in 5kg bags ready for you to portion at home. For 500g Pre-Packs, look here.

A gentle formula, carefully designed to support our elderly pets in their later stages of life.

Containing a range of natural anti-inflammatories, supportive digestive enzymes and gut supporting ingredients such as Tripe, our Senior’s Mix caters for sensitive tummies with compromised absorption.

We select naturally lower protein meats for easy digestion, especially with the help of added Tripe.

You will find our signature BM Digestive Enzyme Mix in this formula, helping to cater to a naturally weaker digestive system by ensuring the enzymes required for digestion are present in bioavailable forms.

Small batch Bone Broth plus Whole Eggs aim to support your dog's joints with collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine and silica from their natural sources. 

We believe taking some pressure off your older dog's gut through a supportive food can prolong their lifespan and drastically increase their quality of life. 

Ingredients: Combo Meat, Lacto-Fermented Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, BM Bone Broth, BM Tripe, BM Omega Oil Blend, BM Digestive Enzyme Mix, Whole Egg, Kelp, Keferrin, Zeolite.