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Premium Adult Cat Raw Meals 5KG BULK

Premium Adult Cat Raw Meals 5KG BULK

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 This natural, tasty meal option for your cat is designed with their fussiness in mind! 

For already portioned meals, try our new Patty Packs.

We cater to a cat's carnivorous nature by ensuring our mixes are entirely meat based, with appropriate supplements added.

Preservative free minced muscle meat and bone are used to supply your cats with a broad range of nutrients for their health.

Small amounts of offal, replicating the ratio they would obtain from eating their natural prey, fill in the nutritional gaps from the fresh meat.

For your cat's optimal health we include dried kelp full of trace minerals, dried Keferrin for gut health promoting small, healthy and smell-free litter trays, plus Hemp Oil for maintaining heart, kidney and liver health in your felines. 

This mix is for our bulk cat meals for 5kg or more. Your meal will come in a single fresh bag for you to portion down into your cat's preferred meal size. To try a smaller batch, we recommend our Patties.

Please store these meals in the freezer. Defrost in the fridge; do not microwave!

We do recommend giving your cat appropriate bones for their dental health. We use Chicken Wing Tips, Duck Wing Tips or cut up Chicken Necks. Check out our Dehydrated Chicken Necks for ease of feeding for your cat!

Ingredients: Minced meat, Minced bone, Offal, Kelp, Keferrin & Hemp Oil