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Kangaroo Combo

Kangaroo Combo

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Simply a dried mixture of healthy Kangaroo Offal, this works well as a treat for your dog or to add to their daily diet. If your dog is fussy about eating their offal and you're worried they aren't getting enough, this was made for you.

As an easy to break treat, these make fantastic training treats for your dog. They are packed with a spectacular range of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and proteins, including great levels of Vitamins A & E. 

Please Note: When using our Kangaroo Combo for treats, please be mindful of the overall offal content your dog is eating. Too much in their diet can cause diarrhoea and gut upsets.

Similar to the rest of our range, our Kangaroo Combo contains no added sugars, salts, chemicals or preservatives; it is simply 100% Natural, Dried Ethically-Farmed Kangaroo.

Please ensure proper supervision of your dogs when trying new treats.