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Patties: Kangaroo With Chia & Cranberry

Patties: Kangaroo With Chia & Cranberry

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These Naturally Healthy Dried Patties will be a much-loved treat for your dog!

Made with 100% Preservative Free Kangaroo Meat, these tasty treats are both nutritious and delicious.

We include pre-soaked Chia Seeds for added fibre for your dog's optimal gut health and Omega-3's,.

Cranberries are included for your dog's kidney & bladder health, heart health and their strong anti-oxidant benefits. Plus, dogs love the taste!

These patties are the perfect replacement for treat biscuits in your dogs diet, as they don't contain any grains or wheat flour fillers. They simply contain minimal, natural and healthy ingredients (see below). 

Our Dried Patties are all small batch treats, made by us in Bayswater. We test all new treats on our dogs first, and these have been a huge hit! Try some for your dog today!

 Ingredients: 100% Grass-Fed Kangaroo Mince, Pre-Soaked Chia Seeds, Cranberries.