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Everyday Combo Raw Meals BULK
Everyday Combo Raw Meals BULK

Everyday Combo Raw Meals BULK

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This is our BULK 5kg+ fresh order. It will come in 5kg bags for you to portion. For smaller Pre-Packs, look here.

 Designed for maintaining good health in our dogs, the BM Animals Everyday Combo Barf Meal is a raw diet, pre-mixed and ready to feed.

The blended mixture of grass-fed premium beef, grass-fed lamb and chicken, along with fresh fruits & vegetables provide your dog with nutrients from a wide range of sources.

You will also find our small batch Bone Broth, an excellent source of collagen & silica, plus our nutrient rich offal mix (containing liver, heart lungs and kidneys).

Working to compliment the meats in this diet you will also find natural dried kelp powder along with dried keferrin; our in-house made Keferrin, created with a mixture of pure colostrum powder too.

We firmly believe your pet's diet should be preservative and chemical free for their long-term health, so you won't find any in our meals. 

We purposely exclude bones from our meals as we believe nothing beats giving our dog's fresh bones. To complete your dog's diet, simply ensure you add some fresh, tasty bones to their meals once per day. Check out our range of non-weight bearing bones!

Please store these meals in the freezer. Defrost in the fridge; do not microwave!

Ingredients: Australian Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken (With Bone), Lamb, Beef Heart, BM Bone Broth, Assorted Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables, BM Offal Mix, Kelp & Keferrin.