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BM Brewer's Yeast 250g

BM Brewer's Yeast 250g

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As a beautifully rich source of B Group Vitamins and Chromium, Brewer's Yeast is an ideal supplement to maintain your dog's healthy coat condition. 

The B Group Vitamins and Trace Minerals found in Brewer's Yeast may work to maintain a healthy gut in your dog.

It may help support a healthy immune system and keep your dog's coat shining. Chromium in Brewer's Yeast is showing promise in human studies at supporting glucose uptake in cases of Type 2 Diabetes, though this has not been proven in dogs.

The yeast in Brewer's Yeast is inactive and dried. It is important to not overdose your dog with Brewer's Yeast, especially if they suffer from regular yeast infections. We recommend a maximum dose of 1/2 teaspoon per 10kg of dog per day.