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BM Functional Skin & Coat Raw Meal

BM Functional Skin & Coat Raw Meal

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 Does your dog suffer from an itchy skin and coat? Do you feel you are always treating their yeast infections and never getting anywhere? Our Functional Skin and Coat was made for you.

Our Functional Skin and Coat doesn't simply mask your dog's skin issues, it aims to heal from deep inside your dog all the way out.

The most common cause of skin issues we see are dogs with a build up of yeast in their livers and damaged gut lining preventing the absorption of the nutrients your dog needs. Your dog cannot be fully healthy unless their gut is happy, including their liver as their liver is responsible for toxin filtration. It is common to find when the liver is not functioning properly from over-working .

Our Meals work to heal your dog's gut right down to the tiny junctions in their small intestines where nutrients are absorbed, through their liver, and out to their skin.

When your dog's gut is working properly they will be more capable of absorbing their nutrition.

Our Meals include proven herbs to heal your dog's liver, allowing it to fully function and filter out toxins.

Our Meals include a mixture of herbs to assist in immune function to fight off low levels of infection, such as yeast, whilst allowing their skin to fully heal.

Please do keep in mind, for itchy and scratchy dogs it may not be a fast fix; the time it will take will vary depending on your dog.

We purposely exclude bones from our meals as we believe nothing beats giving our dog's fresh bones. To complete your dog's diet, simply ensure you add some fresh, non-weight bearing bones. We recommend kangaroo tail quarters or halves to compliment these meals.

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer bulk; order a minimum of 5kg from our factory and only pay $22.25/kg (this bulk offer does not come in containers, it will be all in one bag for you to portion as you please). To claim this offer, simply add your required KG to the cart in multiples of 500g, and the discount will be applied automatically.