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BM Functional EPI Raw Meals 500g

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 If your dog suffers from EPI, this meal was made to help you and your dog!

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, or EPI, is ultimately a condition where your dog's Pancreas cannot naturally secrete the digestive enzymes required to properly digest their food. These dogs often cannot eat enough, sometimes up to kilograms a day, yet they will grow skinnier! If they cannot absorb nutrients from the food they eat, they can effectively become malnourished, suffer deficiencies along with other health conditions. This diet, made for a much loved customer and her dog on their diagnosis, contains a combination of protein sources for a range of sources, lacto-fermented fruit and vegetables plus a range of added Digestive Enzymes to help give your dog's gut the most efficient support possible.

We purposely exclude bones from our meals as we believe nothing beats giving our dog's fresh bones. To complete your dog's diet, simply ensure you add some fresh, non-weight bearing bones. We recommend kangaroo tail quarters or halves to compliment these meals, but want to talk to you about your individual dog.

Ingredients: Combo Meat, Assorted Lacto-fermented fruit and vegetables, BM Bone Broth, BM Tripe Plus, BM EPI Mix (Inc Pancreas), Coconut Oil, Egg-shell powder, Kelp, Keferrin, Zeolite.

For more information on this product before purchasing please contact BM Animals ordersbmpets@gmail.com or phone or text 0488144675