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Basic BARF Varieties BULK

Basic BARF Varieties BULK

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This is our BULK option for orders 5kg+. These orders will be packed in 5kg bags, ready for you to portion down. For 1kg Packs, look here.

The BM Animals Basic BARF sets the standard for excellent, budget friendly meals for your dog.

Boasting the highest quality ingredients, this meal option for your dog is catered to maintaining good health.

We only use the highest quality meats in our meals, so you can rest assured the meals you choose for your dog will not contain any preservatives, chemicals, sugars or salts.

Fruits and vegetables chosen from local fruit markets are used appropriately for their nutrient-dense properties.

Lacto-fermented barley is included in this formula for its high fiber; twice that of white rice! This is an excellent addition for dogs needing some additional fiber, or those highly active dogs needing some extra energy.

The offal added is carefully selected to ensure ideal ratios of heart, kidney, liver and lung are included.

Kelp provides many trace elements naturally depleted from our Australia soils beneficial to our dogs, complimenting added zeolite for its pH balancing and healing properties.

We purposely exclude bones from our meals as we believe nothing beats giving our dog's fresh bones for their mental and dental health. To complete your dog's diet, simply ensure you add some fresh, non-weight bearing bones to their meals once per day. Check out our range today, or contact us with your questions!

Ingredients: Meat (dependent on your option chosen), Mixed Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Fermented Barley, BM Offal Mix, Kelp & Zeolite.