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Assorted Veal Bones (Frozen)

Assorted Veal Bones (Frozen)

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Our range of veal bones are carefully selected for the health of your dog whilst being full of great nutrition.

Chewing on Raw Meaty Bones helps to release seratonin in your dog, making them naturally feel happy and satisfied.

Appropriate bones encourage excellent dental hygiene in your dogs by functioning as a natural toothbrush.

The calcium and phosphorus in Raw Meaty Bones is in its most natural state, readily absorbed by your dog and simply urinated out if it is not needed!

All of our bones are non-weight-bearing, as weight-bearing dogs are too tough for a dog's teeth. We stock softer, more nutritious options for your pet. 

Veal bones are very soft and easily digestible for your dog.

The soft proteins supply your dog with a range of essential amino acids whilst being low-fat. Veal bones are full of stored glucosamine and chondroitin not yet used by the animal, whilst the high-collagen content gives glorious coat shine whilst boosting immune health.

We stock a limited range of Veal Bones. Our bones are a mix of spine and neck pieces. They are frozen when they are cut for optimal freshness for your dog.