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Assorted Kangaroo Bones (Frozen)

Assorted Kangaroo Bones (Frozen)

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Kangaroo Bones are an excellent addition for occupying your dog whilst being full of goodness.

Chewing on Raw Meaty Bones helps to release seratonin in your dog, making them naturally feel happy and satisfied.

Appropriate bones encourage excellent dental hygiene in your dogs by functioning as a natural toothbrush.

The calcium and phosphorus in Raw Meaty Bones is in its most natural state, readily absorbed by your dog and simply urinated out if it is not needed!

All of our bones are non-weight-bearing, as weight-bearing dogs are too tough for a dog's teeth. We stock softer, more nutritious options for your pet.

Our Kangaroo bones are ideal for dogs with sensitivities to other proteins. They are high in protein but low in fat, helping to maintain your dog's ideal body condition. 

If you are unsure of what bones suit your dog, please do not hesitate to reach out!