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Assorted Emu Bones (Frozen)
Assorted Emu Bones (Frozen)

Assorted Emu Bones (Frozen)

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Our range of Emu Bones are carefully selected for the health of your dog whilst supplying great nutrition.

Emu Bones are a very light, airy bone, giving our dogs a delicious but gentle chew. 

Emus naturally store reserves of Emu Oil inside the bone, giving your dog a nutritional hit with Omega's, essential fatty acids and natural anti-inflammatories. These are an excellent option for the dog who require a novel protein diet, or for the itchy dog. 

Chewing on Raw Meaty Bones helps to release serotonin in your dog, making them naturally feel happy and satisfied.

Appropriate bones encourage excellent dental hygiene in your dogs by functioning as a natural toothbrush.

The calcium and phosphorus in Raw Meaty Bones is in its most natural state, readily absorbed by your dog and simply urinated out if it is not needed!

Our Emu Bones include Neck (pictured), Rib Pieces, Lumbar Spine, and 'Knuckle Bones.' Emu Knuckle Bones make great occupiers while still being a gentle bone. Emu carry their weight through their lower leg rather than their upper, so this bone is also non-weight bearing.

Try some for your dog today!

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