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80:10:10 1KG Packs

80:10:10 1KG Packs

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Do you enjoy building your dog's meals? Are you looking for a simple meal base to expand upon without compromising on high quality ingredients? This is the option for you!

Our 80:10:10 Meals come with 80% Muscle Meat, 10% Offal and 10% Minced Bone, forming a good foundation for a raw diet.

Nothing we stock has preservatives or chemicals added, ensuring your dog is given the healthiest produce available.

The offal added includes a mixture of heart, lung, liver and kidneys at the ratios naturally found in the animal.

The 10% minced bone is ideal for the days you can't give your dog some raw meaty bones, but this is able to be replaced with vegetables on request.

We offer our 80:10:10 Mix in multiple proteins, including Beef, Veal, Kangaroo, Kangaroo and Seafood, Turkey, Emu and a Combo variety.

Meals will come in 1kg vacuum sealed bags. For large bulk orders, look here.