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Venison Mince 1kg

Venison Mince 1kg

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Leaner than beef and packed with goodness, Venison is an excellent meat for your pet's meals.

Full of iron, selenium and B12 vitamins, Venison is a great choice to add to your dog's diet. The rich protein supplies the body with a broad range of amino acids, whilst the vitamins and minerals work to maintain your dog's healthy immune system.

Reduced cholesterol helps to keep your dog's cardiovascular system healthy.

Dogs with intolerances often do very well on Venison, plus dogs tend to love the taste! Venison is also a good option to feed your cats; they thrive on it!

BUY BULK & SAVE! If you buy bulk to portion down at home, you will save money. For a 5kg bulk bag, only pay $13.95/kg ($69.75). This price is for 5kg in one bag.