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Premium Beef Mince BULK

Premium Beef Mince BULK

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This is our BULK 5kg+ fresh order option. This will come in 5kg fresh bags for you to portion down as you need. For 1kg Pre-Packs, look here.

This beautiful, grass-fed beef is perfect for supporting the natural health of your pets.

We fully believe your dog will be as healthy as the food they eat, so we are very particular in sourcing meats providing the best nutrition.

The animals are fed a natural grass and forage diet, resulting in a lower lectin build up in comparison to animals fed a high-grain diet. Lectin is an inflammatory ingredient that can wreck havoc on your dog's body. Our beef contains no hormones or pesticides either, so you can rest assured your pet is not ingesting anything they wouldn't naturally. 

You will find no additives in our meats; we do not use any sugars, salts, chemicals or preservatives. We believe in simplicity; our meat is only 100% meat.