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Emu Meat BULK

Emu Meat BULK

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Give your dog the best nutrition Australia has to offer with our Emu Mince!

Our 100% Australian Emu Mince is the pinnacle of nutrition. This novel protein has great protein and fat content for your dog's best health. The Natural Oils work beautifully to support a healthy metabolism, especially for our sensitive canines!

Emu Oil, found in Emu Bones and Meat, is scientifically shown to help facilitate healing in skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, while the natural anti-inflammatory elements in the meat may assist with conditions such as arthritis, colitis, IBD, etc

Emu Mince is a great option for your fussy feline; ours are loving it!

Add some to your pet's dinner today.

This our BULK 5kg+ fresh order option. Your order will be in 5kg bags for you to portion down. For 1kg Pre-Packs, look here.