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Premium BM Tripe Patties 12pk

Premium BM Tripe Patties 12pk

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BM Tripe Patties are an incredible addition into any dog's diet. BM Animals is proudly the only licenced Tripe processor registered with Primesafe for pets in Victoria. We strive to produce the most convenient, healthy foods possible.

Made from a cow's foregut, our Tripe is naturally full of digestive enzymes to support optimal nutrient absorption by our dogs. This helps to cater beautifully for our dogs with compromised digestion, or dogs needing that little bit of extra help.

The probiotics naturally found in Tripe keep your dog's gut functioning at its absolute best, while supporting excellent immune health. 

These Patties are an excellent addition to your dog's diet. 

Please keep Patties in the freezer. Defrost in the fridge, DO NOT MICROWAVE!

Green Tripe naturally has an odour to it, given the nature of its ingredients being simply Cow Gut. We recommend using rubber gloves when handling and wash your hands immediately after.